Using The Lid (Open, Remove, Clean)

Opening and Closing the Lid

When you first receive your order, the lid will be perched on top of your Pryme Vessyl. Remove it, fill up your Pryme, and put the lid back on by pressing it firmly down onto the top of your Pryme.

To open the lid, place your thumb just below the middle indent of the lid and slide the top disc forward. The lid will slide smoothly away from you, snapping into place once the opening is exposed.

To close your lid, just slide the cover back towards the opening and it will slide into its closed position.


Removing the Lid

To take the lid off, use your thumb and slide the top disk forward to open the lid (see above video). Use your index finger to gently push up on the bottom of the top disk with continuous pressure, separating the lid from the rest of your Pryme Vessyl.

Never bend the top disk when attempting to open or remove your lid.

The lid seal may become tighter during shipping, so if you are having issues removing the lid, we recommend trying one of the alternative methods below. Don't worry, your lid will become easier to remove with time and regular use.

If you feel the fit is too tight or have any other questions on this process, just send our team a message using the 'Contact Us' option below. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!


Cleaning the Lid (Disassembly)

With the lid fully closed, gently lift the front of the top disk. You can only separate the two pieces when the lid is closed. To reassemble, just place the top disk back on the lid and it will snap back into position.

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