Using Pryme With Kitchen Appliances

Can it go in the dishwasher?
No. Don't put your Pryme Vessyl in the dishwasher. Please. We have cleaning recommendations right here! The high heat and steam from the dishwasher doesn't cooperate with the internal components. If you need to wash your unit, soap and water is the way to go.

Can it go in the microwave?
No. Your Pryme Vessyl comes with a metal base. Don’t put anything metal in the microwave. If you really need to heat your beverage please place it in a microwave-safe glass before doing so.

Can it go in the fridge?
Sure! You can place your Pryme Vessyl in the fridge to keep your drinks cold. We don't recommend long periods of exposure (multiple days) but in general, this won't be a problem.

What about the freezer?
Try to avoid this. The unit can withstand these cold temperatures but it's not good for the battery. You won't break your Pryme Vessyl but you won't be doing it any favors either. If you're thinking about putting it in the freezer, it's best to go with fridge.

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