Power-off/ Turn-Off Pryme

Absolutely, though you shouldn't have a reason to. The battery should last 1-2 days on a full charge, and recharging is as easy as placing Pryme Vessyl on the charging coaster. If you do need to turn off your unit (air travel, for example) here's how to do it:

  1. Find the power/reset button located on the bottom of your Pryme Vessyl just below the charging contact.
  2. Hold this down for 2 seconds until the Pryme line briefly shows in a solid line. Once you see this, let go of the power button. Your Pryme Vessyl is now off.

To turn your Pryme Vessyl on again, simply press the Power button. You'll know your Pryme Vessyl has turned on once you see the 'Wake' light animation - the Pryme line will rise up to the Pryme dot, then the line will lower again.

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