End Of Day Summary

Your End of Day summary is meant to highlight how you did each day.

We'll display some additional insights for reference: your daily average, how you performed today relative to the day before, and the same day last week.

The full circle represents the hours you are awake, and will fill up based on how many of those hours you spend at your Pryme. Try to spend a full day at your Pryme and see how you feel!

Tap on the main circle to switch the hours at Pryme to ounces consumed, if you'd like to get a sense of how much you're drinking each day.

You'll notice that the main insights page of the app will disappear and are replaced by the End of Day summary half an hour (30 minutes) before your set sleep time. When this happens, we also stop tracking your Pryme for the day.

You're welcome to keep sipping, but we won't factor this into your Pryme.
Why? Being too hydrated before sleeping can have a negative impact on the overall quality of your sleep, as you may wake up in the middle night or a bit earlier in the morning.

We want to help you stay at your best, and just like optimal hydration, getting quality sleep is part of this. So check out how you did, and most importantly, always aim to do a little bit better than yesterday!

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