Can I reset my Pryme Vessyl?

Sure! This is a full reset.

Note: After following these steps, your Pryme Vessyl will be restored to the factory settings and any information on the device will be removed. This is done if you're experiencing some issues with Pryme Vessyl, or if you're preparing to hand it off to someone else to use.


Before you attempt to reset the Pryme Vessyl, please remove the unit from your Pryme App and Bluetooth settings and insure that your Bluetooth is turned off.

Let's get started: Locate the power/reset button on the bottom of the Pryme Vessyl. It is located right below the charging port. Press this in for 15 seconds to reset your device to its original state. You'll know it's resetting once you see the Pryme line rise up and continue to rise into the Pryme dot. When that's done, your device has successfully been restored to factory settings. You can check out the video below to make sure this is done correctly:

To complete this process, make sure you "Forget the device" in your smartphone's settings, so that the phone and cup can be paired like new.

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