What’s Pryme Time?

Simply, Pryme Time is the amount of time that you'll be at your Pryme hydration once you've reached it.

Once you've reached your Pryme, the app will switch to insights focused on keeping you there, which is what we call Pryme Time. This will also turn on the blue dot on your Pryme Vessyl. Pryme Time displays a countdown timer on your app showing when you will drop out of your Pryme.

Based on your consumption, we'll show you how much time you have left at your Pryme. As the time ticks down, just keep sipping to stay Prymed and ready for the day ahead of you.

At the end of the day, your "End of Day Summary" will show you how many hours you've spent at your Pryme and some additional insights on how this compares to your previous performance.

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