The Research Behind Pryme

Mental Balance

Avoid the negative impacts of dehydration on your concentration, alertness, and short-term memory.

Studies have shown that even mild levels of dehydration (less than 2%, which is when thirst kicks in for most people) can result in degraded mood, attention, memory, and reasoning, as well as increased perception of task difficulty, fatigue, anxiety, and even headache symptoms.


Physical Endurance

Improve your endurance by keeping your muscles working efficiently.

Studies have shown that appropriate hydration improves endurance, recovery time, motivation, and perceived effort.  


Weight Management

Increase your metabolism and lessen the urge for empty calories.

Drinking water before a meal can help you feel full sooner, and lessen the urge for empty calories.  Studies have also shown an independent association between water consumption and increased metabolism, leading to weight loss.


Stay Energized

Optimal hydration can give you more efficient blood flow.

Staying hydrated helps your heart pump more effectively to get your cells the oxygen they need to function optimally.


Healthy Skin

Keep your skin healthy and resilient through proper hydration.

Your skin contains approximately 30% water.  Optimizing your hydration can help keep it plump, elastic, and resilient.  While water won’t give you a “glowing complexion” or “flush toxins”, it can increase the thickness and density of the middle layers of your skin (studies have measured this using ultrasound), which is culturally associated with skin health.


Immunity Boost

Stay hydrated to keep your immune system ready to fight illnesses and infection.

Lymph, the fluid part of your immune system that helps fight illness and infection, is directly impacted by your hydration status.  Studies have also shown that the innate immune cells in your body decrease in number and function with dehydration, allowing a window of immune dysfunction for viruses and bacteria to gain a foothold.

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