Factory Reset Steps

What this will address: Any general performance issues, incorrect tracking, Pryme light issues, as well as battery/charging concerns.

  1. In your app, head to Settings > About Vessyl, and select 'Remove'.
  2. In your iOS Bluetooth menu, tap the 'i' next to Pryme Vessyl and 'forget' the device.
  3. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth off.
  4. Press and hold the power button on your Pryme Vessyl for 15-16 seconds. Ensure it clicks in and remains pressed the full time. You should see 3 animations: the line will display solid in the middle after 3 seconds. The light will rise up from the bottom and back down after 7-8 seconds. Finally, you will see the Pryme light rise up from the bottom and continue rising into the top dot after 13-14 seconds.
  5. Once you see this final 'up and up' animation, release the power button and place your Pryme Vessyl on a flat surface, but not back on your charging coaster immediately.
  6. Wait 20-30 seconds. In this time, you will see the Pryme line rise up again from the bottom and back down during this time without your interaction.
  7. Once this light animation is complete, place your Pryme Vessyl back on the charging coaster.
  8. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and open the Pryme Vessyl app. Navigate to the Settings page and select 'Add A New Vessyl' and follow the on-screen prompts.


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