Unresponsive Unit (No lights)

What this will address: Pryme does not illuminate while on charging coaster, drinks are not tracking, unresponsive to pressing the bottom power button.

Make sure your unit is powered on. Tilt your Pryme away from yourself to see if the light animation begins. Using a pen, press in the bottom power button briefly. Place your Pryme on the charging coaster with the coaster connected to a power source.

Though rare, it may be possible that your Pryme Vessyl will not illuminate or respond to the power button, but still be receiving a charge. These steps should be able to get everything back to normal.

  1. Place your Pryme Vessyl on the charging coaster for 10 minutes, to give it enough time to take a charge. We recommend plugging the charging coaster directly into a computer that is turned on.
  2. After 10 minutes, take your Pryme off, and briefly press in the power/reset button on the bottom of your device (about 1-2 seconds). Please ensure that you hear a small 'click' to confirm that the power button has been fully pressed.
  3. If you find that your Pryme is still unresponsive, please place it back on your coaster for 10 minutes. Once this is complete, we'll try a simple reset. Try pressing in and holding the reset button for a full 20 seconds to see if a factory reset will activate your Pryme.
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